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[The Early Years] eric tachibana (ENFJ)
selena sol

were delivered by Caesarian at Kaiser Hospital on Sunset Blvd. in
Los Angeles
on March 20, 1969, about 15 minutes from Sixth and LA
where archived police records note that two men were shot to death in
drug related violence
and about 15 minutes from Rodeo Rd.in Beverly Hills.
Before all else, thanks mom.
Soon after, at the Playgroup, a socialist preschool in Echo park,
he met
Barnaby Fell,
who would become his lifelong best friend.

[Virtual Preschool] hazy memories of Franklin Ave. Elementary School,
Silverlake and youth, mixed and blended images of timelessness and new
T-Ball, skateboarding, indoor camping under sheet-tents.
microwaved meals and the loneliness of being alone.
and Dungeons and Dragons blended days into nights into days
and me into they and she into we
fragmented...postmodern socialization and my first step away.
we thought you totaled a D4
by counting the numbers on the "actual" bottom.
The dagger became the most awesome weapon.

[Tachibana Crest] H I R O S H I...
B L A C K, T I M E L E S S, E X P A N S E O F N E X T
d r i l l s 1 0 0 f r o n t k i c k s
1 0 0 s i d e k i c k s 1 0 0 r o u n d h o u s e s
on the floor for 100 push-ups
on your knuckles


is that place they most


blood is salty and violence is the gift of your ancestry.

[2nd Wave Socialization]
King Junior High School Magnet and Eagle Rock Magnet
Eileen, Lyd, Ali...thanks
John Marshall High School
Dave, Professor Lowenbrau, Goldstein, Williams...thanks.
The "brunch bunch" Fenasteph and Lance, scary hip hurdlers...
ditched every fourth period
to go out for an extended lunch...
I wish I'd ditched Chemistry and not Spanish
turned 18 and signed off 113 absent days each on its own yellow carbon copy sheet.
dropped it, s c a t t e r i n g ot reh ksed...




and it felt so good to beat the system

[Into the Heart of Darkness] UC Berkeley did I escape to, with Dave
where we lived on Alcatraz St. with Mouzer and Jeffery, just kittens then,
happy jack the Alligator and my fish...acid-Adam next door
my favorite color is midnight blue.
Barrington, Primus, Rasputin Records...Kristin...kiss...The Cure and
mysty, dreamy nights on Nitrus and PsychoPsilobin and ? electrified
babblings of Janes Addiction collages, poorly played, but dripping
with soul and extravagance.

I entered as a philosophy and Physics double major, dropped a lot of acid
and dropped out...

[Sonic Soul Food] Los Angeles again...
my postmodern mistress of discord who sat laughing at a most unfeminine volume in the back of my '67 Chevy on our way home from The Probe every Monday dawn. [Portrait]

It is ever so disorienting to emerge from the depths of some afterhours club into that morning sun in place of jaundiced street lamps and neon. to join Barnaby Fell playing bass for Selena Sol.

Ahhh, Selena Sol, life extreme and expansive ...The Strip...Neurenburg of artists.

Selena Sol played all over LA, and for awhile, even opened our own club
called Club Next, Toby, ever the MC (master of charades). Dyanne, Cort, Marcus, Raul, Anita...thanks...
and then as quickly as she had ripped me from the comfort and reliability of Berkeley, she was gone

[Cyberia 101] As things began to fall apart in Los Angeles, Eric returned to academic life and completed BAs in Political Theory and Cultural Anthropology at UCLA. I've not much to say about UCLA except that it was there that Professor Louise Krasniewics baptized me, dipping my head backwards into the warm current of cyberspace. I had found my country, my religion, my home. Two years later Douglas Rushkoff gave me a name...Cyberia...and the EFF gave me a banner to wave, but I get ahead of myself.

Tonya the martian. Friend.

[Explorations in Meatspace] After UCLA,
Europe to explore and get lost.
Munich was incredible, but its luster was probably enhanced by my traveling virginity.

My "schedule"

  • Learn the ten important phrases in the local language
  • Be a total tourist for one day, ending up in the local University district for dinner
  • Meet some people in the U-district
  • Go out to recommended club at night, preferably with those you met at the U district.

(NOTE: You'll find net access at every university, usually in the Computer Science/Math building. If you ask nicely, someone sooner or later will be kind enough to let you check your email.)

Met them
at that dark and smokey
(and Amsterdam had not lost its potency over the miles).
Hopped in the car
early that morning
and Munich disappeared into a blur of lights behind me.

Insbrook, they took me,
to a migrant rave put on by Italian DJs.
Two nights and a day in Insbrook and I was done with both.
Thanks guys, what a way to start my trip.

Off to Cannes, Monte Carlo, Madrid, Barcelona.

I think that it is best when traveling to spend some time alone, some time with a close friend and some time with a big group of strangers. Cities and experiences taste very different. And for goodness sakes, give yourself at least three months to travel (never enough time though).

Morocco, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneve, Colombare Sirmione, Florence, Venice.

Rome, Athens and the Islands. Ios...huh...what happened...Heidi, Mark, Abby, Claudia, Marci, you were the best. Back to Madrid and then Paris again and then home.

[Digitality] When he got back to the states he packed his bags and headed East with one dream...to work at the EFF. After hounding Shari and Stanton for weeks, they finally agreed to accept him as an unpaid intern....Meanwhile he enrolled in The George Washington University's Graduate Program in Science, Technology, and Public Policy.

Work at the EFF was one of the most thrilling experiences imaginable. To work with Barlow and Dyson and McCandlish, Steele, Godwin and Gilmore was to work with those who they will call the founding fathers of cyberspace in 2100. The work was, and is still, so intense that it was and is difficult to sleep at night...

GW...a degree...graduate school is a crock. I'll make more web programming then I will with any of my degrees.

Soy-ja. A chance encounter. A promise in Europe to be kind to travelers and a woman deep enough to hold my attention beautiful enough to hold my gaze, and kind enough to hold my heart. Chan rak koon krub. Kap koon krub.

Jordan and Gunther, thanks.

Eric currently works as a software engineer in Singapore.

Oh, and here are my Travel Logs

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