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[I] t is not at all the "net" that we cyberians are hoping to see emerge, but rather, it is the "web" - a sentient web conceived from biological and mechanical zygotes. What we as humans will bring to this next lifeform, what we will contribute to this grandest of all children of Gaia thus far, will not be mechanics. Technology, by itself will use the market for its own ends. Technology needs little aid from its flesh and bone hosts.

Technology, if left to its own devices, will build a net.

What legacy we may leave in the annals of evolution will be what humanity we were able to infect into the wires of the net. Our legacy can, and must, be "The Web". If we fail, our humanity will disappear in time like some mutant recessive trait. And there is little time left to prepare for the future. Like a human child, the net or web is having its personality molded, its character shaped. And like all processes circa 2K, it is maturing at a rate beyond anything any of us can understand.
Thus, every time you log on, every time you read, write or explore online, remember that your every move, your behaviour, your language, your emotion, your thoughts, all of it imbues the wires with your spirit. How you live your life around this child will determine what that child will mature into. Will you help produce a net or a web? If you produce a web, will it be a web representing the best of humanity, or the worst?
As we refine our technology, as we generate new ideas and directions, produce faster chips, faster wires, smaller drives we must be ever aware of refining our spirit. What good are faster, stronger and smaller technologies if they are used in support of, or to distract us from, hate, war, famine and injustice in the real world?
Every month I will try to gather information about a struggle in the real world that I think deserves your attention, for it is in the real world that we define our humanity. Please take some time to read through the material I collect. Then, participate in the struggle for world peace and justice. It is not enough to hide in cyberspace and talk of the future.

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